The Real Walter White

If you are familiar with the television show Breaking Bad, then you know what I’m talking about.  The fake Walter White was an average man living in the suburbs that decided to deal crystal meth one day.  However, this is a true story I found a while back about the real Walter White that decided to get into the meth business.  It’s an interesting segment about the process of how he started dealing drugs and where his life took him from there.  His journey I could tell you is unlike the television show with all the drama, but the real Walter White in this documentary goes beyond the drama.  He tells us where he did it and why he did it.

We all know it’s a very dangerous job to get into, not to mention the crime and the possibility of getting killed from shady people.  Also, the huge risk of getting involved with the Mexican cartel and other big time mafias.  Drugs also destroys people’s lives and messes up your ability to stay safe and sensible.  You are constantly on the look out for untrustworthy situations, such as the screwed up meth head that is going crazy off of the drugs that might kill you or constant worry from the cops.  The trouble is endless by getting involved in a high risk lifestyle.  Your life is always in jeopardy.

In my opinion, the risk for money is not worth any penny compare to the lively hood of my life.  To me I’d rather be broke than face years in prison or getting shot from a Mexican dude I don’t know.  I mean you could even get shot from a friend that you knew for years then suddenly he screws you in the back and shoot you.  I could think of a million ways of someone screwing me behind my back and killing me.  It’s just not worth it.  All the money in the world couldn’t make me any happy if you gotta be paranoid that someone is going to take it from you.  Walter should’ve quit while he was ahead and just skip town.  The temptation is too glamorous and drugs made their eyes sparkle.  Walter wasn’t hurting either.  He had no money troubles or he wasn’t sick.  He had a decent job and a beautiful family.  Money is the root of all evil.  It’s true, money makes you do things that you wouldn’t do and that’s why many people die.  Not me, no way.  I’m comfortable and content with what I got.  People need to appreciate what they got in front of them.  Don’t be greedy.  Don’t be keeping up with the Jones’ across the street.  Don’t be looking at these big CEO’s of what they got.  Also, don’t do drugs and don’t get involved in making them and definitely keep away from the wrong crowd.  If you keep by these things then you will prosper.


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