The Flu Shot: Helpful or Harmful?

This is a really controversial subject when it comes to health. Does the flu shot help us or harm us? Dr. Mark Hyman discusses the risks involved in getting the flu shot and how to prevent the flu from infecting you.

Dr. Mark Hyman makes some good points on if I should get the flu shot personally.  I always wondered about the chemicals that are in the vaccination that could be potentially hazardous to my health.  The government doesn’t really specify what is in the vaccine or our doctor’s don’t really inform us either.  When I go to see my doctor I always feel rushed and pushed to get the flu shot and often ignored when I do want to ask a question.  There’s also been times I didn’t get the flu shot and I felt fine.

I’m really worried about getting sick and want the best for my health.  I’ll just take Dr. Hyman’s advice to do more research on this subject.  I really like Dr. Hyman’s advice and always look forward to his videos about health related topics.


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