BEHOLD THE FUTURE: Dog Translator Available for Pre-order

Oh no! Now I can know what my dog is really thinking about me.


Just because you can pre-order something doesn’t mean it’ll be awesome when it’s finally ready. The folks behind the No More Woof dog translator seem to be looking to tamper everyone’s expectations as such, with phrases like “to be completely honest, the first version will be quite rudimentary” and “the more money we raise, the better the chances of creating something truly amazing!”

But to this group’s credit, they did create this choice rocking chair with the built-in iPad dock I wrote about a little over a year ago.

Now it’s on to dogs. The No More Woof Indiegogo campaign is looking to raise $10,000; at the time of this writing, the project’s at just over $7,000 with almost two months left to go, so it looks like this is happening.

The technology itself involves a dog-worn headset that senses EEG activity in the dog’s brain, runs the data through…

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