NSA Agents Posing As Santa Claus

The fact that NSA agents dressing up as Santa Claus to spy on you is really creepy.  Why on earth would they impose on you at this time of year?  Perhaps it’s to track your purchases or another way of tracking our every move.

NSA Santa

Check this out this youtube video that features the NSA agent disguised as Santa.

This is pure insanity and I can’t imagine using a beloved character to scare people at this joyful time.

So now as we all prepare to gather round with our families, the American Civil Liberties Union would like to remind us that Santa Claus does exist, but he might be an NSA agent.

This has made lots of people insecure rather than feeling safe in our country.  He could be monitoring your cell phone records or checking your every move.

I guess Santa is coming to town, but he might be an NSA agent.  He’s “checking our list twice,” “seeing if we are naughty or nice,” and “he knows you when you’re sleeping.”

If you ask me this is shockingly creeping me out right now.


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