Toronto Mayor Ford says he will not resign despite admitting to smoking crack

Despite admitting to smoking crack cocaine, Mayor Ford of Toronto will not resign to his position.  Ford also mentions that he did make a huge mistake and do apologize for the horrendous act, but will continue being mayor and seek re-election in the process.

Mayor of Toronto

Mayor Ford mentions he is not an addict and did a lot of stupid things in the past, which he done over a talk show on the radio.

The mayor realizes if he was addicted to cocaine or alcohol then he would fail to show up to work.

The populist, conservative mayor was interviewed on the show addressing a media storm that broke after police revealed last week that they had obtained a copy of a video that appears to show the mayor puffing on a crack cocaine pipe.

Apparently, acknowledging his wrongdoing has not damaged his reputation in any way, which was stunning.  According to a Forum research poll conducted on Nov 1, the day of the police announcement, his ratings has risen to 44 percent from 39 percent, with 98 percent of respondents saying they were aware of the news of the recovered video.


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