Talks of Canceling Fast and Furious 7 After Paul Walker’s Death


After the tragedy of Paul Walker’s death, the production of the ‘Fast and Furious 7’ was still determined either to resume after the crew was given time to mourn.   The sudden fiery car crash in Southern California that involved Paul Walker and close friend Roger Rodas shocked many people across the nation.

It appeared that both were on there way to a charity event when they got into a tragic accident.  Their Porsche apparently crashed into a pole when it burst into flames.

Being able to proceed production would be difficult for Universal Pictures, director James Wan and the rest of the productive team would do at the moment.

According to the entertainment industry trade The Wrap, nearly $200 million in production may be eliminated altogether, however, the main team contemplate how best to preserve the integrity of the franchise. The film is said to be more than halfway complete, although many integral scenes featuring Walker were not shot.

There were speculation of using special effects of using Walker’s face over another actor, but that has been canceled due to the concern over the recent actor’s loss and the possibility of exalting street racing.

There was also a conversation of starting a brand new story of the main character Brian O’Conner played by Paul Walker, but that has claimed to be problematic.

By Roxanne Reyes



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