Black Friday Disasters


By Roxanne Reyes

I’m glad I stayed away from the shopping malls to avoid all the disasters.  I know it’s the biggest shopping day after Thanksgiving, but who cares right.  Apparently, many people care about getting the latest deals on televisions, toys, games, appliances and clothes for cheap.  But is it all worth risking your time and not to mention the potential hazards of getting stomped on at the entrance of the store or being robbed in the parking lot, I think not.

Some incidents of brutal and alarming attacks.  For instance, in Philadelphia one woman used a stun gun on another woman while getting in a fist fight.  No police was there at the moment as the two women continued to fight.

In Las Vegas, one man was robbed in the parking lot by a suspect by a gun demanding the victim to hand over the big screen television he just purchased.  The suspect allegedly fired a warning shot before threatening the victim, according to police.

People are trampled, shoved and knocked down to fight for products before they fly off the shelves.  There are violent attacks over Black Friday bargains in numerous stores, such as WalMart and Target.


A man was stabbed in Virginia over a parking space, according to police.

Have we gone too far to get the latest deals?

My answer is yes we have gone too far.  My solution to all this madness is to avoid the violent crowds and just stay home.  You can shop at home on-line to get the deals.  Save yourself the headache of finding a parking space and fighting the horrendous crowds at the mall and enjoy a relaxing day at home.  Most people today have a computer, so you can go to sites that offer deals.  For instance, my husband checked and Slick for the hot sales on movies, games, and computer software.    So Kick your feet up with some hot coffee or tea and surf the web for the Black Friday bargains. Trust me you’ll enjoy this way better than the mall.



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