X box review


The all in one entertainment system.

This definitely the all in one entertainment system. Some solid facts are gaming on-line or off-line, watching television, sharing games, privacy setup, voice recognition, and kinect interaction.

It is truly the ultimate gamer system when it comes to the powerful Microsoft system. It is more like a computer that is able to do everything. It might just take over the entire game consul market. Playstation 4 has to step up their game when it comes to extra features. It’s really funny when it comes to talking to the system because it has come a long way. It’s almost like a personal robot telling him what to do. The voice recognition lets’ you turn on and off the system for example by saying, “Xbox turn on.” You also can hook up your television to the Xbox one and tell it to switch channels. It just takes a lot of getting used to. I’m used to utilizing my tv remote. You can still watch movies, such as Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon. In addition, you can listen to music too, which I hoped that Playstation 4 included the music ap. We have both systems, so I was disappointed in no music. I’m sure Sony is making a ap as we speak. The graphics are amazing and games are just as awesome. The games need to load on before playing it, so that took a lot of patience. I figure the games now days has a lot of memory and takes up quite a bit of space.


I look forward to playing with the kinect soon. I’m very impressed with Microsoft and it’s development with the Xbox 4. No wonder thousands or millions of people ordered their personal system every way they could. The lines for the system were outrageously long especially at stores, such as Best Buy and Target. I would not stay in the cold for that, so we pre-ordered the Xbox 4, which saved us from freezing outside in the cold. I cannot believe we’ve come a long way to technology. It keeps getting better and better.




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