Who would do that?


By Roxanne Reyes

People are just getting from bad to worst.  I mean twenty or thirty years ago you never heard of somebody starving somebody, mugging someone in broad daylight, stabbing an individual for their shoes, or a human being doing a mass shooting in the mall.  Also they got a student killing their teacher or a middle school student bullying a girl because of their race or not liking them for some absurd reason.  Who does that?  I ask myself that question all the time.  I’m just going to tell you guys about some news articles that just makes me say to myself, “boy that’s stupid.” 

  1. Man Guilty of Starving his daughter 


First article is about a Wisconsin man guilty of starving his teenage daughter to 68 pounds while leaving her in the basement.  The father was found convicted of child abuse, but was later acquitted of false imprisonment. 

She was found wondering the street when she ran away from home.  A passerby came across the girl then later told authorities how she was denied food, beaten by her stepmother and forced to perform oral sex on her stepbrother over the course of five years.

The jury found the father guilty of reckless endangerment, intentional child abuse and causing mental harm to a child. However, he was not found guilty of false imprisonment of locking his daughter in the basement.

The father’s testimony stated that he did prepare meals for his daughter, but she refused to eat them.  Instead, she rather eat the crumbs and garbage on the floor.  The father also mentioned that he boarded up the windows in the basement to prevent his daughter from running away from home and going into the neighbor’s trash.  In addition, the father insisted that his daughter suffered from psychological problems and had to be confined to the home to prevent her from running away.

The stepmother is currently serving five years in prison for reckless endangerment and causing mental harm to a child. Her stepbrother is set to stand trial in February on two sexual assault charges as well as a child abuse count.

The family’s names are not mention here from the press to avoid identifying the girl’s name.

From my perspective, this story just blew me away.  I would only hear of this in a movie and never in real life.  What a sick world we live in.  I cannot believe your own family members would hurt you in such a demonic way.  Yes, this is pure evil.  My heart goes out to that poor girl who endured through all that suffering.  Maybe someone should starve them in prison and make them feel the pain that girl went through.  Even though the daughter was psychologically damaged, they had no right to keep her prisoner in the basement.  I bet the father is lying to avoid jail time otherwise, the therapist or case workers would’ve found her locked in the basement.  I don’t think the father got help at all because the daughter would’ve been on medication to keep her stable.  I hope they all get long sentences in prison because they deserve ever bit of harsh treatment in confinement.

2.  Popular Teacher Raped and Killed by Teen


A popular math teacher was murdered and sexually assaulted by a Massachusetts teenager.  Prosecutors said, “it was a series of unspeakable acts” according to their indictment. .

Philip Chism, 14, was arrested and charged of first degree murder of 24 year old Colleen Ritzer.  

Chism’s indictment included,  murder, aggravated rape and armed robbery in connection with the savage attack, Essex County prosecutors said.

Essex County District Attorney Jonathon Blodgett said in a statement that Chism supposedly raped Colleen Ritzer with an object, stole her underwear, iPhone and credit cards after the murder.

It was also stated that Chism followed the teacher into the bathroom and put on gloves, which was all captured on camera.  Then he dragged her body out of the bathroom then put her in a blue recycle bin. 

After the murder Chism went home to change his clothes and headed to Wendy’s and ate lunch.  Afterwards, he watched a Woody Allen movie at the Hollywood Hits theater close to his home. 

On Oct 23, 2013, Ritzer’s body was found in a wooded area roughly 50 feet from an athletic field behind Danvers High School.  Her throat was slashed and she was punched in the face, according to police. 

Chism had pleaded not guilty to the murder charge to his arraignment.

Here’s what I think. 

There is some serious issues going on here, a teenager guilty of murder in the first degree.  Way back when I was a teenager, this was unheard of.  Sometimes we did not like a certain teacher, but we didn’t kill them.  You had to be a lunatic to do crime like that.  This boy only 14 years old that has so much going on for him threw his life away.  Basically, he will stay in jail for a very very very long time.  His mom is probably thinking how in the world did my baby get like that.  The law is not going to be lenient on this boy because Chism is being tried as an adult.  That’s why I mentioned in the beginning, there is some serious issues going on here.  The teacher is so young too and got so much living to do.  Now she is gone because of a crazy student. 

I used to be a teacher and I will NOT teach high school and middle school students.  Why?  Teenagers are unruly, have no respect for authority, and have no care in the world.  Most of the time teenagers have an attitude problem with you or someone else.  I get threats from students for disciplining a child from the student.  Not only I get threats, the school itself is in danger all the time from either riots, people running around with guns,  students bringing knives to school, and bomb threats.  Therefore, I told myself no more teaching at high schools or middle schools.  I was in a lock down almost every week at a high school because of a security issue.  This is no joke!  I witnessed all of these issues and never again will I go back to that.

So tell me audience….Do you have a solution to ending violence in schools?  What would you do?

I appreciate you all reading my articles.  Leave me a comment or like it.  Thank you!!!!!








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