Random Thoughts

By Roxanne Reyes


What if the world was made of gold?

I’m allergic to cats and I’m glad. Chillin-on-the-Couch-cats-33711741-1280-960

I wish I had Superman’s powers to save the world of crime and so I can fly. FOREVER_SUPERMAN_by_supersebas

Why I don’t like insects? I don’t like insects because they are strangely assembled into gross parts.

I think fat people, although nice are the victim of their own fatness. funny-fat-people-pictures

I like calling black people chocolate, it’s better than calling them something that is burnt. chocolate

Cookie monster is one of my favorite all time children’s characters from Sesame Street and not big bird.

I wish we had a real life Candy land with a chocolate stream and gummy bears growing on bushes. Yes, that would be awesome.

I don’t like minty candy they should be band from being in chocolate.

I’m a geek in disguise. geeky ginger girl

I don’t think I’m pretty or skinny enough for my man.

I want to be a brain surgeon to save people from dying.

My favorite dog complains too much. Corgi

Can we all just be friends? Teddy Ruxpin was my favorite bear that wanted to be everyone’s friend.

Australia is a beautiful place to be right now because it’s very cold where I live. australia

I just saw Australia has bats, which makes me feel afraid right now.

I’m yelling stop in my head. YellingCover

I dream of my dead grandma all the time. Is that weird?

China will beat up the United States because we owe so much freaking cash right now it’s not even funny.

I just farted ten minutes ago.


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