Death By China–review


Movie Review–By Roxanne Reyes

I just saw this movie on Netflix last night and I was thinking why didn’t I see this sooner?  I’m always interested in a really good documentary.  This movie points to when China joined the World Trade Organization (WTO) in 2001 with the support of the United States Democratic president and Republican Congress.  Ever since China got involved with the free trade agreement they have been exporting their goods to America and stealing our jobs.  The trade agreement supported by President Clinton at the time was supposed to create more jobs by exporting more goods to China and other foreign countries.  Instead, the trade agreement brought problems by shipping jobs to China, allowed Corporations to rapidly increase their profits, and elevated our national debt to more than 6 trillion dollars and growing.  There is also other mounting problems China faced, such as unsanitary working conditions, abuse of their workers, and manipulation of the currency.  They’ve prevented the shipment of our goods to enter China too. 

In my opinion, this movie put most of the blame on China.  What about the greedy corporations that chose to ship our jobs over seas?  What about the politicians who were wrong to initiate the trade agreement?  Aren’t they the ones that should be at fault?  This movie has touched a little about the faults of the corporations.  They are the ones who are responsible for the high employment and the closing of many manufacturing factories.  It’s the corporations and selfish politicians that continued to fail us by putting us in an everlasting sink whole.  No wonder college graduates can’t find jobs and the middle class is disappearing.  Americans always like to lay the blame on someone else when they themselves who know who’s the culprit here.  We should revamp the whole trade issue to make the rules rigid enough, so we would bring jobs back to the United States.  We need to bring jobs back to America and stop unemployment and by that we will have a stronger and stable economy.  We need to think about our people first and our future.  We need to take control of the situation before we become China’s property.  Ever penny you spend on products made in China is subsidizing their military force to build weapons of destruction.  Don’t everyone see that China is weakening our system from within and will destroy us soon.  Our congressmen and representatives have to open their eyes fast before we all go kaboom! 





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