Where have the 80s gone?

Who remembers the 80s?

The-80sthe cure

I was born in 1976 and spent my majority of my childhood in the 80s. I just want to reminisce about that particular time for a moment. It was a fun time growing up during that era. It was all about the big hair teased very high. The Pat Benatar look was fab. Michael Jackson blew up the music charts with his big hits. I loved his song Beat it. I loved the feathered hair and mullets. We had punk rock. We had the best cartoons I thought of all time. Getting up early on a Saturday morning to watch cartoons, such as the Flintstones, He-man, Voltron, Rainbow Brite, Gummy Bears, and the Smurfs. I couldn’t forget to leave out the other classic cartoons–Tom and Jerry, The Jetsons, Scooby Doo, Underdog, and Looney Toons. Saturday was the best time for a kid. Also who could forget Nintendo’s Gameboy? It came out in the mid 80s I think. Transformers was a big deal too and the toys were made out of metal not plastic like today. Everything felt carefree as a kid. All the neighborhood children played together on the street. Football and baseball with the boys was often common on my street. I was among one of the few girls that played with the boys on my street, but I loved it. Although, the boys were rough and tough we had invented some of the best games. The girls on my block were too stuffy, snotty, and snobby. One moment they are your friend then at one or two hours later they betray you because you wouldn’t follow their requests, so I said, “screw you.” That’s the sum of my childhood during the 80s. It’s the bulk of what occurred and mostly what I want to cherish.

What about 80s music?

Ultimately, it was awe inspiring and a decade of magnificent bands. By the 7th grade I had moved away from mainstream pop culture music to indie underground and alternative rock bands. I made a major switch from listening to Madonna to experimenting with the Cure and the Ramones. I also moved away from those predominant metal hair bands, such as Van Halen, and Winger. I know Ramones wasn’t exactly in my realm of the current decade at the time, but I felt they rocked. I needed to find myself a new identity and music was a part of life that accomplishes that. I was involving from adolescent to an adult. I wanted to be different and I thought these musical groups expressed the way I was feeling at the time. I loved the Cure’s messy hair, lipstick and black nail polish. I loved how mysterious Gothic fashion was and tried out wearing black clothing for a short while. They were fabulous to me. I wanted to be like Robert Smith from the Cure. Hey, you guys rock!

I just want to pay tribute to one of the best 80s bands of all time, Joy Division. Ian Curtis you’re an icon that will be continually missed. They were one of my favorite bands while growing up. They had a unique sound that was eerie and mysterious, which I adored. It’s too bad the lead singer had to die. I watched the movie about Joy Division and it made me feel so depressed for him.

Sometimes I wish I could back in time and live a moment in the 80s, but I’d rather not. I would rather listen to some music from that era. I’ll take what I’ve learned during my childhood and move forward. As a child I thought I had many limitations compare to an adult. I have done an insanely amount of chores. I had to babysit my brother and sister. I couldn’t go out with my friends whenever I wanted to. I had no money. I had to depend on my parents for everything. Now I can do what ever I wanted. I can set my own rules of when I wanted to clean my house. I can decide when I wanted to go out with friends. I have money, but need to be careful by the way I spend it. Although, I didn’t have a mom and dad to obey I now have a husband to submit to. It’s fine I can live with that.



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