Drunken Bird for Thanksgiving?



By Roxanne Reyes

Hinneker, New Hampshire- Nothing like a ice cold brew after a hard day of work or with a slice of pizza, but beer in your turkey sounds bizarre.  However, Joe Morette believes his turkeys enjoys the taste of it and doesn’t bother them at all.

Joe Morette has been breeding turkeys since 1993.  He raises 50 turkeys on his property this year for the Thanksgiving holiday most Americans look forward to.  This whole thing started when Joe and his workers had a couple beers on a hot July afternoon.  Afterwards, a turkey accidentally knocked over a can of beer that led to a group of birds drinking the liquid. 

Morette claims it makes the birds have a nice flavor not gamey.  He chooses giving them lager rather than an ale.  It makes them tasty, juicy and more fatty.

Animal activists, PETA, insist farmers who raise turkeys uses questionable practices to boost their profits and does not benefit their well-being.  But, does it really?

According to Kathi Brock, a national director of Humane Heartland, who oversees the treatment of farm animals mentioned that the American Humane Association rules don’t prohibit giving beer to animals.

A veterinarian was asked about this issue, mentioned that serving beer to animals is not in harmony with normal standards however, hops could benefit their digestive tract.

Japanese farmers who raise cattle have been giving their animals beer for many years, not to mention a massage while consuming the tasty beverage.  It actually gives the beef a nice buttery taste.  Also, farmers in France have been exploring the idea of giving cows the leftover pressed grapes to produce delicious meat.

As Morette’s birds continue to dip their beaks in the frothy liquid they don’t appear to be really drunk.  However, there was one mentioned to be kind of dazed and confused with his eyes slightly slanted.  The other birds appeared to be functioning just fine.

If you ask me, there’s nothing wrong with your animals enjoying a nice cold one with you.  We might put in chili or on meat to use it as a tenderizer.  But everything goes nice with beer even in turkeys.



Holly Ramer associated Press for USA Today, usatoday.com










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