Subconcious Racial bias in Children

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I stumbled across an interesting issue that Anderson Cooper did on CNN, a special program on Kid’s on Race:  The Hidden Picture.

Do we make judgements based on race?  In this story, Anderson Cooper addresses this issue of race with kids.

In this program, Anderson examines, “Subconcious racial bias in children.”  This relates to a bias that children experience–interacting with school mates, watching television personalities, communicating with adults and family members, and interacting with online situations.  In this study, he was trying to find the origin of racial prejudice in America.  With children being so innocent and honest and just learning on how to get along in society–it was the perfect way to determine how racial prejudice evolves.

Dr. Melanie Killen, a child psychologist and professor at the University of Maryland came up with the study.  The methods was clearly scientific and she offered advice and explanations to parents whose children that participated in the study.

The study have revealed the truth about prejudice.  By watching the students in the video,  we are influenced by the things that surround us.  The friends and family we associate with and the favorite programs we watch on television or the internet–clearly shapes our thinking of different races being black or white.  It shows that skin color plays a huge factor on what we associate them with–good or bad without even knowing the person for who they really are.

It’s too bad we live in a racist world.  We need to see beyond the color and see what people are from the inside.


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