Cont. to 10 Secrets for a Successful Business

10 Secrets for a Successful Business

7.  Schedule social time

Be anti-social media for a change.  Huh! You’re probably wondering Facebook and Twitter is a huge way to stay in touch with your customers.  However, have you found yourself drifting away by checking other people out?  Having face to face communication can get things done.  Set limits on when to check your social media updates at specific times of the day, this way you can stay on top of things.

8.  Create a comfortable environment

It’s essential to generate a vibrant and positive workplace for everyone.  Everything from the chairs to the coffee pot to desks and offices need to be clan, comfortable and pleasant to work in.  It makes people happy and wants to do their best.

9.  Professional Team

Sometimes you think it’s better if I do it and it might be faster, but you can’t be there all the time.  Hiring the best person for the job and delegating them can make your job easier so you don’t need to worry.

10.  Challenge your employees

Younger people are very driven.  They enjoy challenges and want to be a part of the company.  Produce incentives, such as points or awards for recognition for going beyond their responsibilities.


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